X-Message-Number: 7688
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 1997 19:50:33 -0500
From: Mark Mugler <>
Subject: Gloating

Now that the Vissers have the licence agreements with CI and Alcor, I
find the gloating by representatives of competing organizations about
their recent setbacks a bit unseemly.  No doubt the science will prove
itself or not in short order.  What I find particularly tasteless is the
gloating over the difficulties they are having with the South Afican
government concerning the use of their cryoprotectant to "cure" AIDS. 
Here, too, the science will prove itself or not.  Would those who gloat
approve of the South African government persecuting the Vissers for
their efforts?  I am reminded of Dr. Burdzynski in Texas, being
persecuted by the FDA for his use of antineoplastons with patients who
come from out-of-state.  I am surprised at these purported
libertarians.  As far as I am concerned the key issue -- in cryonics,
AIDS research, life extension, you name it -- is the heavy hand of
government stifling innovation in research and robbing people of free
choice.  So I say, let the research succeed or fail on its merits, and
let us discuss the merits, but let us tremble, not gloat, when
governments enter the fray.  Mark Mugler

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