X-Message-Number: 7706
From: "Gerald Olschewski" <>
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1997 10:04:12 +100
Subject: #7698 - Ether

Mike Darwin wrote, that ether forms unstable explosive peroxides 
with water. 

As far as I know ether forms only peroxides under the influence of 
air and light, thus forming radicals, which in the end leads to 
considerable formation of hydroperoxides, that really make ether 
dangerous to handle, especially older and improperly stored charges.

To prevent formation of these hydroperoxides it is advisable to
store it in brown flasks, or best under nitrogen.
If this isn't possible, storing it over some solid sodium-hydroxide
will bind these hydroperoxides pretty well, thus reducing the risk of
explosions. To check wheter or not a sample contains hydro-
peroxides you may use commercially available iodide-starch-paper.

Only some information...

Gerald Olschewski

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