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Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1997 18:16:31 -0800
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: Prometheus Project News

Cryonics and Prometheus in Asian Publications

     Both cryonics and the Prometheus Project are mentioned in an
article in _Asia Architect and Contractor_. The article is an
interview with Steven Valentine, the architect in charge of the design
of the new Hong Kong convention center which will be used for the
hand-over ceremonies in July. In December, a full page interview with
him on the front page of the Sunday extra section of the Hong Kong
Standard had also highlighted his interest and involvement in cryonics
and the Prometheus Project. He is certain to get further coverage
before the project is finished and he is always eager to promote
cryonics and the Prometheus Project during any interview which he
gives. I have also attempted to put the Japanese cryonicist's in touch
with him so that they can get some public awareness out of any future
publicity which he gets in publications which reach Japan.
     During our phone conversation yesterday, Steven told me that the
Madonna/cryonics connection was big news over there and was being
taken as serious and factual. I wish that there were some way we could
actually contact Madonna to either verify this and make her aware of
the Prometheus Project, or to find out that it is false and take steps
to help quash it.

More World Awareness of Prometheus

     Also yesterday, I got email from a Belgium "hard-core futurist
research organization" which asked: "we would like to know how
we can help with the prometheus project". I replied as follows:

>Thanks very much for the offer. Getting this Project started is
>difficult because of its radical and "unbelievable" nature. For that
>reason credibility is the major problem and every aspect of it is
>dependent on every other aspect.
>Three things need to be worked on constantly and each is related to
>the others.
>1) More pledges need to be raised to give the Project more
>credibility in order to attract more scientific support.
>2) More credentialed (and even better, "famous") scientists need to be
>persuaded to become public promoters of the Project. This in turn
>will cause more pledges to be made.
>3) We need to attract some mainstream biologist and medical
>researchers to help with the detailed design of the Project and the
>scientific planning. Only when the scientific plans are firmer can a
>business plan be produced which will in turn cause more and larger
>pledges to be forthcoming.
>You may be aware that a very high caliber, experienced, credentialed
>scientist (unfortunately, with little experience related directly to
>our needs) has joined that Project's Board of Science Advisors.
>Please revisit the Web Site in a few days when it has been updated to
>reflect all the latest changes.
>If you could help with any of the above items or anything else which
>promotes the Project, then I would be very grateful. In addition, if
>you have any suggestions please make them. I know that I am not doing
>anywhere near the best that can be done to make this Project a
>success and I will welcome whatever ideas and help that you can give.

New Pledge Total

     With a new pledge of $1000 per year from the mother of a ten year
old girl who is in neuro-suspension at CryoSpan, the Prometheus pledge
total is now at $358,900 per year for ten years.

Prometheus Meetings

     Because the two Prometheus-only meetings in California in October
were so poorly attended, the plans for additional such meetings across
the continent were canceled. However, there will be Prometheus Project
presentations at the cryonics "High Rollers" (special-invitation-only)
conference in May in Laughlin, Nevada, and at EXTRO 3 in San Jose on
Aug 9-10. More information about EXTRO 3 may be obtained from
     If anyone wishes to promote the Project by arranging a meeting
(with a good expected turnout) in his/her area, then I will be happy
to come and give a presentation. If the meeting is successful in
producing pledges for the Prometheus Project, the person(s) who have
organized it will receive some shares in the Project for their

-- Paul --

Paul Wakfer
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