X-Message-Number: 7723
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 16:13:36 -0700
From: David Brandt-Erichsen <>
Subject: Oregon Measure 16 legislative threat

        (Feb 17/97)
        by Brad Cain
        SALEM, Ore. (AP) _ A measure to repeal Oregon's assisted suicide
        law was placed in the legislative pipeline Monday when an Oregon
        House panel voted to introduce the bill for consideration.

        Afterward, the Judiciary Committee's chairman said the issue needs
        a full legislative airing because assisted suicide was approved by
        voters in 1994 after a campaign of "30-second sound bites" by the
        opposing sides.

        "We're going to look at all of the issues. We think a very
        substantive discussion of Measure 16 is needed," Rep. John Minnis,
        a Portland Republican, said of his panel's decision to introduce
        the repeal bill.

        Minnis said he expects that the Judiciary Committee will produce
        some sort of bill to repeal or otherwise modify the assisted
        suicide law that will end up being debated in the full House.

        Oregon's assisted suicide law, which is on hold pending the
        outcome of court cases, allows a patient to request a lethal dose
        of drugs if at least two doctors determine that the person has
        less than six months to live.

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