X-Message-Number: 7734
Date: 23 Feb 97 09:57:53 EST
Subject: Who is who ?

Hiya dear Cryonicists and students in CRYONICS :

The Message # 7720 from Mrs Kelly Ann MOY asking for a summary for the long
messages encourages me to expose also a request I had have since a long time
upon an other problem.

The CRYONICS concept has my first interest and I read every day, out of some

publications on paper, all the messages sent by CRYONET thanks to the great work
of Mr Kevin Q. BROWN whom we never will say enough "Thank you !"
But English is only my third tongue.  I succeed to sufficiently understand the
meaning of the messages almost whithout the help of a dictionary.  But I have
one other big difficulty, not completely related to the told fact, and that is
probably also a problem at the least for the new listers :  from the messages,
at the exception of the few authors who tell what are their titles or functions

under their signature, it is impossible to have a clear representation about WHO
is WHO, despite I read and/or study CRYONICS papers of all sources each day
since 1968.

Now, I wish to know what about every author of CRYONET messages :
    - His name (this is evident) ;
    - his E-MAIL address (if this is not secret);
    - his age (even : approximatively) ;
    - his degree of instruction and its field (titles, certificates, diploms,
medals) ;
    - his usual occupation ;
    - his hobbies (if any) ; 
    - if he is a member of a CRYONICS organization and if yes : of which ?
    - what is the complete address of this organization ?
    - what are his functions in this organization ?
    - has he signed up for his own cold suspension ?
    - can he expose his  appreciation about the chances of success for a man
frozen by the best       actual  techniques to be a day returned back to life ?
    - has he comments, advices, propositions, wishes, commentaries on the
present state of             the CRYONICS movement ?

                            I pray every author of the messages to come into
CRYONET accepting to let me know WHO he is, to answer these questions :

     - or in the beginning or the end of his next message (which would allow all
     the listers to have         these informations) ;
     - or in a message or a letter directly written to me at these addresses :

        Anatole DOLINOFF          INTERNET:

                                                     101, rue Jules Rein
                                                     78600 LE MESNIL-LE-ROY
     This will allow me to understand twice better the messages I read into
CRYONET, when the problem of the tongue is already a serious handicap for me.

     I promise in return, to every person for whom this is of interest, to
thoroughly answer the same questions what concerns myself.
Thank you and long long life, as wishes us our friend Thomas !


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