X-Message-Number: 7743
From:  (Mike Coward)
Subject: Deciding Who To Trust With My Future
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 1997 20:41:07 -0500

My first post:
How many services offer suspension and reanimation.
I say "and reanimation" because 
I have seen suspension services that fail to mention it whatsoever.
I do not recall who they were as they did not leave a lasting inpression.
The only one I am sure gives does offer both is Alcor.

What means of reanimation are proposed?
This is of concern to me as it is a possibility that when I awake 
humanity may be reengineered.
Consciousness as I know it may be unrecognizable.

What are the costs?
I seem to have developed an unhealthy aversion to money.
I think it is much like seeing who can steal the most
from people that do not know how to spend it.
It's another limitation upon sovereignty.
The biggest reason I dislike it is I do not have enough. :-)

Information like this should be gathered into one source.
It would make life and death easier for many people.
Call it a cryo-consumer report or a one-stop cryo-shop.
Maybe someone knows of such a place?

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