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Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 10:20:29 -0800
From:  (Olaf Henny)
Subject: Re: CryoNet #7744, Cloning is here

 John K Clark <> wrote in Message #7744:
 Subject: Cloning is here
 >There is also the question of somebody making a clone of you without your 
 >permission or even your knowledge. The Pope may thunder against the evils of 

 >it, but it would only take one fleck of papal dandruff to make a clone of the
  >Pope. There are more down to earth medical applications too.
 I am afraid from what I hear about the cloning procedure, 
 it does not appear quite as simple as tossing a papal cell 
 into a nutrient soup and after awhile out 'pops a pope'.
 The cell was taken from the udder (now where is the papal 
 equivalent for that ;->) of the sheep, which was the 
 subject of cloning and used to *fertilize* an egg taken 
 from a different sheep (why a _different_ one?) and the 
 resulting embryo was then implanted into a third (!?) 
 sheep.  This was as I understand also the only success in 
 a large number (I believe in the thirties) of concurrent 
 identical experiments.  I am not sure, how the complete 
 dominance of the genes of the udder cell was achieved, but 
 it appears to me, that this cloning was basically in 
 genetic terms a single parent propagation.
 While the procedure was no doubt a huge success, the 
 success rate still needs a tad of work.  So, I believe, 
 John, your dandruff creation project still has to be 
 delayed for a year or two.  ;-)
 Olaf Henny

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