X-Message-Number: 7758
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 12:17:19 +1000
From:  (Kitty te Riele)
Subject: Re: cloning

Cloning of Einstein (John Clark, #7744) doesn't actually bring Einstein
back. All it does is allow a baby to be born with the same genes as
Einstein.  But as this baby would grow up amongst different people,
experiencing and learning different things, he may well turn out a very
different person from Einstein.  He may not even become much of a genius.

Similarly cryonic patients who are cloned can't really be said to be
`coming back' themselves (Brian Wowk, #7749). In my view one's experiences
(stored in brain patterns/structures) are vital for one's sense of self.
Cloning doesn't transfer those.


Kitty te Riele

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