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Date:  Tue, 25 Feb 97 17:57:22 
From: Dave Pizer <>
Subject: The need it great

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> Message #7741
> Date: Sun, 23 Feb 1997 14:33:35 -0800
> From:  (Olaf Henny)
> Subject: Re: CryoNet #7729 & Last Minute Reversals
> Message #7729
> >From Linda Chamberlain
> CryoTransport Manager
> Alcor Life Extension Foundation
> >Joe Cannon, long time cryonics activist and Alcor member since 1984, 
> >was suspended on Friday, February 21, 1997.
> (Most of the text deleted)
> >Recently, he began telling neighbors and friends that
> >he was not sure he even wanted to be suspended anymore.  He told his
> >neighbors and some of us that he felt his beloved Terry would be better 
> off
> >in the future without him;  that Terry would find another who would be
> >better for her.  "She was always the strong one," he told me recently.
> >"She'll do just fine without me!"
> The above quotation touches on a phenomenon, which I have 
> observed on many occasions throughout my life:  The prospect 
> of death appears welcome, when we are in a state of complete 
> exhaustion, as most of us of course will be, when we are 
> near death.  Its impact on cryonics dawned on me the first 
> time, when I read the account of Timothy Leary changing his 
> mind on cryopreservation.

This opens up the subject of how one can protect one's self when he/she gets 
old and the mind starts to go before the body.

There have been several cases where long-time cryonicists changed their 
mind and did not get frozen or did not communicate well with their cryonics 
service provider and did not get a good suspension.  People drop their 
membership every year and the service provider never knows why in many 

The need for a facility where only cryonicists live is great.  The 
Venturists have been talking about filling this need for a long time. We 
made one poor attempt at it.  

We are again getting ready to build a facility where cryonicists can live 
and eventually die surrounded by fellow-cryonicists that will help see that 
mental failing does not harm the suspension.  Mike Perry will be writing on 
this important subject in a week or so.  I just thought I would mention it 
now as the subject is so timely.  The main hold up to building such a 
facility is lack of suppport.  If we can change that we will build it 

Dave Pizer

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