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Date: Sun, 02 Mar 1997 10:09:21 +0100
From: John de Rivaz <>
Subject: Re: cloning pets

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> Hmm. A business opportunity, albeit far-fetched, does occur to me; while
> cloning humans seems to be fairly pointless, cloning pets might be
> something that would attract customers, as much of a pet's personality
> is either innate or may be reproduced by its cohabitation with its owner.
> I'm not certain about a business name - perhaps "Pining for the Fjords" :-)

I am sure this would work. However it would need to be operated in a free 
country (which in this cases probably means a very undeveloped country) and 
lawyers may find ways to prevent the results being imported into the country 
of residence of the business' customers. 

At the very least, the six month quarantine regulations in the UK would still 
apply. People operating registered quarantine kennels get thousands of pounds 
per animal held in quarantine. They have acted vigouraously against recent 
moves to replace quarantine with vaccination and innoculation of imported 

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