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Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 20:02:46 -0800
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: Prometheus Policy Announcement Re 21CM


	While I am a founder of 21st Century Medicine (21CM) and a major
shareholder, for various reasons, I have not been involved in its
operations or planning for some time. Therefore, although I was aware of
some of the developments and plans taking place at that company, I was
almost as surprised as other cryonicists at the strength of Brian Wowk's
announcement concerning 21CM research results and future plans. Both the
news of the vitrification "breakthroughs" which yet need to be fully
confirmed, detailed and published, and of the major increase of funding
from the Life Extension Foundation to a level far above anything ever
seen in cryonics before, were very welcome and exciting to me as, I
expect, to all cryonicists. However, I also saw that these research
efforts and funding, especially since they are already occurring, might
have the effect of overshadowing the Prometheus Project (whose funding
currently *pledged* is less than the total being *spent* by 21CM) and
might, therefore, have a negative effect on the rate of accumulation of
pledges and even on the future of the Project. On the other hand, those
same research results and funding efforts (and the continuing research
results which are bound to follow from such major funding) should be a
big boost for the credibility of the Prometheus Project's goal of
perfecting suspended animation within 20 years. In an effort to reap the
benefits of this credibility boost for the Prometheus Project and at the
same time make the Project more flexible concerning how its goals will
actually be attained, after consultation with the current pledgers, the
following alterations in Prometheus Project policy have been formulated.

Policy Changes

1. In order to avoid any real or imagined conflicts of interest between
the Prometheus Project pledge campaign and the management of 21CM, with
their concurrence, Brian Wowk and Saul Kent will no longer be listed as
Prometheus Project advisors.

2. Instead of insisting on the formation of a new company for that
express purpose as the sole method of conducting its proposed research,
the Prometheus Project plans will be changed to gain the flexibility of
having existing organizations contribute to the accomplishment of its
goals. What this means is that if an existing organization meets the
Prometheus Project's standards of science scholarship and has major
research plans directly aimed at suspended animation, then that research
of such an organization will be considered to be part of the Prometheus
Project and will become eligible for Prometheus Project funding when the
pledge campaign has reached a level where collection of pledges will
actually begin. It is even possible (and might be beneficial by avoiding
the major expenditures of company formation and facility startup) that
no new company for the express purpose of conducting the Project
research will ever be formed. 

3. While any company formed for the express purpose of conducting
Prometheus Project research, would incorporate the current pledger share
purchase conditions, vesting, technology discounts, availability of
interim results to all cryonics organizations, etc. into its policies,
we cannot expect that same degree of fidelity to the Project plans from
other organizations who may be otherwise eligible for inclusion in the
Prometheus Project. However, in order to attract contributions from
Prometheus pledgers, who currently have individual approval rights and
were presumably attracted by these conditions, it is strongly suggested
that similar contributor rights and privileges be considered by such

4. Henceforth, two categories of Prometheus Project funding will be
tracked: a) those funds which are conditionally pledged, and b) those
funds which are already being contributed yearly towards research
directly related to the Prometheus Project goals.

5. For some months, it has been apparent that the initial goal of $1
million per year would not be sufficient to provide for all the research
that will be necessary to accomplish even the brain cryopreservation
portion of the Project. I believe that in the initial calculations,
insufficient weight was given to the difficulty and cost of the
convincing demonstration of recovery of mental faculties. The Project
pledge goal has, therefore, been increased to $1.5 million per year,
although the approval of plans and purchase of shares will still begin
at the $1 million dollar per year pledge level. In addition, any pledger
will be free to convert his or her pledge into a monetary contribution
to any already existing organization which is "part" of the Prometheus
Project in the sense defined above.

Application to 21CM

	These policy changes will be applied to 21st Century Medicine as

1. Of the total funding which the Life Extension Foundation is providing
to 21CM, our estimate is that the amount directly funding research with
the same goals as the Prometheus Project is approximately $400,000 per
year. Furthermore, the Life Extension Foundation is committed to
continue that level of funding or better indefinitely until the goal is
accomplished. While I do not currently consider the 21CM research team
to be at the level of scientific scholarship which was intended for
those scientists who would be executing the Project's goals, if the
planned additional acquisitions of credentialed scientific staff and
full publication of research results take place, this will indeed be the
case. Therefore, I have decided to include the above $400,000 per year
as part of the Prometheus Project total under the category of funds
already being contributed to suspended animation research.

2. The 21CM research announcement and tentative results will become a
part of the growing body of documentation describing, and supporting
the  credibility of the Prometheus Project. It is my hope that
scientists at 21CM and elsewhere will soon contribute to a comprehensive
ten year scientific plan which can be included in the Project materials.
Once such a scientific plan is more complete, a detailed business plan
can also be formulated. Since I know there are many life extensionists
who are waiting for more detailed plans before committing themselves to
the Project, this should greatly help increase the pledge and funding
totals directed toward perfecting suspended animation.

Where we are now

	With these changes, the new Prometheus Project total of yearly funds
pledged to, or invested in research directly related to its goals is
$761,600. The results described by 21CM, if completed and published
suggest that both the reversible brain cryopreservation goal and the
perfected suspended animation goal are more credible and closer to
accomplishment than we thought. Although we are now aiming at a funding
level of $1.5 million per year for up to ten years, we are over half way
there and have a better than ever chance of reaching $1 million by the
end of 1997, at which time pledgers will be asked to commence their
	The Prometheus Project now has more credibility than ever, from both
funding and research points of view. We are *determined to*, we *can*,
and we *will* see suspended animation achieved and medically accepted by
the year 2020.

-- Paul --

Paul Wakfer
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