X-Message-Number: 801
Date: 04 May 92 14:52:24 EDT
From: Michael Clive Price <>
Subject: CRYONICS alt.cryonics newsgroup

> That is why alt.cryonics looks to me like the most viable method for
> electronic cryonics "outreach" at this time.  If you see any reason
> why we should NOT go ahead with this, please let us know ASAP.

I see no reason why it shouldn't go ahead and a lot of reasons why it
should.  Speaking as a CompuServe user who will not be able to get
alt.cryonics it still sounds like a wonderful idea.  If some of the
numbers I heard bandied about are realistic (a million users?) then
cryonics could pick up a lot of new members.  Traditionally cryonics has
always picked up a lot of computer-tech people, so a penetration of 1 in a
1000 doesn't seem unreasonable.  Humm.. a thousand cryonicists.  I say:
let's go for it!

The alt.cryonics followed by sci.med.cryonics route seems sensible. 
Let's play this safe, we've got a lot to gain and nothing to lose.

Mike Price

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