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Subject: Another View
Date: Tue,  5 May 92 13:42:20 PDT

May 5th, 1992

From: Carlos Mondragon
Re: Michael Paulle's "Another View"

     Because  Members have a right to ACCURATE information, I will reply
here only with a few corrections of fact regarding "Another View":

1.   If you're going to quote George Orwell, at least get it right.

2.   Once more (but I'm sure not for the last time), the "Board's primary
     function" is  the CARE OF OUR PATIENTS IN SUSPENSION.  Supplying the
     best possible suspension service to our members is an important second.
     The kind of "leadership" which Mr. Paulle wants can be found in the
     halls of Congress and it results in twelve figure deficits.

3.   The most important act at our May 3rd meeting was the Board's approval
     of a contract which Hugh Hixon, Ralph Whelan and I had negotiated with
     Biopreservation (Mike  Federowicz) for training and suspension services.
     The implementation of that agreement will go a long way toward improving
     our suspension capability.

4.   We decided on the Arizona move (with lots of conditions which address
     every concern which  Mr. Paulle has ever raised) at our APRIL meeting.
     (See your own postings at the time,  Mr. Paulle.)  At the May meeting,
     a variation was considered and adopted.   My own opinion is that the
     whole deal is still rather tenuous: it is by no means certain that all
     of the contingencies will be met.

5.   The "vote of confidence" in me was moved by Keith Henson.  It passed:
     five directors in favor; two directors abstained (including me); and
     two directors were absent.

6.   Lastly, New York isn't really in another universe, but I guess
     Mr. Paulle is -- in one with different seasons.

     It's a beautiful Spring day in California, I'll try to have fun while
     making the rest of my day more productive.


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