X-Message-Number: 805
Date: Mon, 4 May 92 20:47:09 -0600
From: tolman% (Kenneth Tolman)

Alright, you are all signed up to travel through time into the future when
your time comes along.  Unfortunately, some people you really like to be
around aren't going to be there, unless you do something about it.

If cryonics works, should you consider "converting" people?  Most every 
person that has tried to convert me (to any cause) has been most annoying and
turned me off of what they were trying to say.  Now I can understand why they
were so persistant and annoying though.  Interesting dilemma.

I am curious what other people think about this.

However for now, I will present an investment argument:

Basically, you consider what your life is worth per hour.  Then you consider
the probability of coming back, and the number of hours that you get when
you come back.  If you get back more money than you invested, it is a wise
investment.  It turns out to be a wise investment for even a very pessimistic

Life per hour:  Ask yourself how much you would have to be paid now to be
willing to automatically die in 5 years.  Lets say this was 10 million
dollars.  (If you are "priceless" and won't do it pick a suitably large
  Now figure out your life expectancy (72-age) and then from this
calculate the number of hours you should have left.  Take that 10 million
and divide it by number of hours.  Mine is:

  49*365*24= 429240 hours left for 10 million dollars is 23.3 dollars an

 I will expect my chance of revival to be 1/100 (pessimistic person)

 The cost of neurosuspension is $50,000 (upper bound)

So I better get back 50,000*100 = 5*10^6 dollars or 21459 hours or
8941 days or 24 and a half years.

Thus, if my chances are any better than 1/100 (I think they are) OR if
I may get back more than 25 years (I plan to live 10,000 years at least)
than it is a good investment!  Even a very pessimistic person will
realize the investment potential.  

Unfortunately this argument will only work if you are talking to a logical
person, and when a conversation turns to death most people stop all
logical processes.

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