X-Message-Number: 818
Subject: Papers published?
Date: Mon, 11 May 92 15:17:14 -0400

An incredibly unpleasant person on sci.med says:

>Anyone who wishes to dispute this position should post a list of 
>references, to reputable journals (nature, science, etc.), for 
>scientific research articles concerning human cryonic suspension. Such a list
>would, of course, be a NULL SET.

I remember reading a pointer to a relevant paper published in a fairly
reputable place in some ACS newsletter, but I can't put my finger on
it.  I'd like to get the pointer so I can refute him.  Can anyone help
me out?


[ FYI: Keith Henson recently posted a query to the USENET sci.med
  news group to gauge the opposition to creation of a sci.med.cryonics
  news group.  A few notes of opposition have appeared so far, but not
  a flood of opposition.  The quoted text above is from one of the
  opposing messages and Keith Henson recently posted a reply to it.
  If you want to see these messages but do not have access to USENET,
  send email to me with the Subject line: "CRYOMSG 0011". - KQB ]

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