X-Message-Number: 819
From: "Christopher Penrose" <>
Date: Sun, 10 May 92 21:56:44 EDT
Subject: Re: Brain Scan Question

>I am not arguing that brain scan technology will be
>available in 40 years or 400 years. I really have no idea
>whether it is practical. But so far, I haven't seen the
>best possible scenario given current technology, whatever
>that is, ruled out as a near term option (if the billion
>Joules is really required, we are getting close though).

If this universe has more than three physical dimensions -  
it may possible to design a quantum analyzer that can  
analyze any object.  Resynthesis could be possible also.

Perhaps certain quantum interactions can transfer (or even  
create!) matter between dimensions.  Interdimensional  
quantum computers could be developed such that our three  
dimensional space could be traversed, and analyzed without  
occupying it.  These quantum computers would need to have  
the capability of analyzing individual elements of matter  
without affecting their state -- with extra dimensions,  
such could be possible.  This is wild speculation of  

Christopher Penrose

[ I have a suggestion.  Let's stick to known physics and concrete
  proposals (and somehow tie them back to cryonics).  Thanks. - KQB ]

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