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Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 01:20:38 -0700
From: Paul Wakfer <>
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Subject: A Dream about the Future

I want to tell you about my dream. ---

In my dream, the year is 2020. ---
I am in my doctor's office - Dr Fishbein.

I have been having trouble with my prostate for some time now.--- 

Last year my lab tests showed that I had cancer. Dr Fishbein wanted to
operate and cut it out, but I knew that impotence is the usual result,
and I didn't want THAT!! I also knew that even with surgery or other
invasive treatments, the condition is still usually fatal within five
years.-- But I had more life that I needed to live first -- as a whole
man -- so I decided to just do the best that I could nutritionally, and
hope for a miracle.

But this morning Dr Fishbein has told me that my latest lab results say
that my cancer has metasticized and has likely spread to my bones. This
confirms my worst fears, and its happened quicker than I expected. I
know now that I am not going to beat it, and that I face an agravating
death within a couple of years at most.

After giving me a few minutes to let this sink in, however, Dr Fishbein
gets a strange look in his eye, brightens a little, and says to me, "You
know that we really *are* very close to a genetic answer to cancer. We
can't say exactly when, but it really *is* just-around-corner.--- If you
had contracted this disease five years from now, I truly believe that we
could lick it completely." And I reply, "Yah, that may be good news for
some others, but a fat lot of good it does me!" But, Dr. Fishbein is not
put-off by this and continues, "Have you heard about suspended
animation? --- You remember a couple of years ago, all the headlines
when they finally froze and fully recoverd a baboon after storage in
liquid nitrogen for six months?" "Yeah", I reply, "I rember something
about it." Then Dr Fishbein continues, "Well, that procedure has just
finished its clinical trials using people who would have died before
they could receive an organ transplant. --- Those trials and the ongoing
animal research have shown that the procedure is no more risky than any
other major operation. In fact, our local hospital has just installed
the equipment necessary to do it. --- And I believe that your HMO is
considering coverage of it as a standard medical procedure. --- It
certainly is very new, and the current survival rate is only 90%, but
you might want to seriously consider electing this cryopreservation
procedure before you get much more debilitated. If you do it as soon as
possible, your chances of surviving it will be far greater."

I sit back and think about it for awhile. --- My wife has long since
split. My kids are all grown -- with grandchildren! Gee, they are a lot
of fun and I believe that I have helped guide their development for the
better. I am so much more patient and wiser now than I could be with my
own kids. --- I sure would like to see how they turn out. Five or ten
years won't be that bad. It will be like going to live in a foreign
country for several years and then coming back home to renew old ties.
And Dr Fishbein is very caucious and he knows how important my mind is
to me, he would not be telling me about this unless he thought it had a
good chance of total success. --- Yes, I believe that I *will* do this
suspended animation thing. It will be like being given a "second chance"
at life. Hell, there's been a lot of talk about making people yonger.
Maybe they'll even be able to grow me some more hair - in the original
color - when I come back. <grin>

If you are interested in making this dream become a reality, applicable
to many kinds of terminal conditions, then please visit the Prometheus
Project web site at the URL shown below and seriously consider pledging
your financial support to this revolutionary idea.

-- Paul --

Paul Wakfer
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