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Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 01:22:40 -0700
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Newsgroups: sci.cryonics
Subject: Bob Poole Pledges to Prometheus

I am very delighted to announce the receipt of a letter and pledge for
a minumum of $2000 per year for 10 years from Robert W Poole, Jr. the
President of Reason Foundation and the Publisher of _Reason_ magazine.
In his letter, Bob stated that he had read several articles about the
Project and that he wished to be kept posted on its progress. He
included both his email address and his home snail-mail address with his

	In my reply and thank you note, I asked him if there were some chance
that _Reason_ might carry an article on the Prometheus Project. His
reply was "I would be delighted to see a piece on the project in REASON.
Please note, however, that I am not the Editor and make it a policy not
to attempt to second-guess editorial decisions. Your best bet is to send
a query letter to either Editor Virginia Postrel or Managing Editor Rick
Henderson <email addresses omitted>. Since REASON did a (fairly serious)
piece on Alcor about 5 years ago, the burden of proof for "doing
something else on cryonics" will be on you. There is a considerable
degree of scepticism among the editors about the workability of
cryonics--and this could be your hook for explaining the project as an
alternative approach to life-extension. Since you are the originator of
the Prometheus Project, it would probably be better to have someone else
be the proposed author. Good luck!"

	Needless to say, I will be following this up immediately and will be
looking for an author.

	After being stalled for awhile the pledge total stands at $370,100 per
year for all ten years. The receipt of the Bob's pledge was just what I
needed to get me fired up about the "High Rollers" cryonics conference
in Laughin this coming weekend. I plan to begin my presentation there
with "A Dream about the Future" (see other posting) and I hope that I
get some others to believe that the Prometheus Project dream can become
a reality.

-- Paul --

Paul Wakfer
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