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Date: Tue, 12 May 92 10:28:22 -0700
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Reply to #818 (Timothy Freeman):

"Ultraprofound hypothermia with complete blood
substitution in a canine model,"  Julian Bailes
et. al., J. Neurosurgery 74:781-788, 1991 is
a report of the successful testing of the blood
substitute that Trans Time scientists Drs. Paul
Segall, Hal Sternberg, and Harold Waitz developed.
These scientists actually conducted the experiments
described in the article, although for political 
reasons you won't find that mentioned.

Art Quaife

[ Art, thanks for the information.  Keith Henson's sci.med informal
  query about creating a sci.med.cryonics newsgroup, which yesterday
  had produced only a few responses, has now produced quite a few more
  messages, including a lengthy list of cryonics-related references
  posted by Ralph Merkle.  This reference will add to the list of
  applicable published research.
  FYI: I put today's 45K byte batch of sci.med cryonics-related messages
  in message 0011.1 and also appended it to message 0011.  Thus, if you do
  not have access to sci.med and already have received yesterday's
  version of message 0011, send email to me with the Subject line
  "CRYOMSG 0011.1" to get your update.  Otherwise, use "CRYOMSG 0011" to
  get the entire set. - KQB ]

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