X-Message-Number: 8222
Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 16:23:32 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Future feelings

 I am not so interested in living a LONG LONG time even though I am planning
to.  I am interested in the future life.  To tell all of you fellow cryonics
members the truth I hate the 1900's.  I know many of you still love it here
but having read MANY sci-fi books and watching WAY too many sci-fi movies I
have gotten swallowed in all of it's emotions, feelings (which I think that
feelings are different than emotions), hopes, dreams, and crazyness.  I love
all those futuristc gizmos, all the neat clothes, all the media will be
better, more interesting and more entertaining.  At first you might think
that this has little to do with cryonics but I am just getting started.
  Cryonics will let me have another chance at starting over.  I have not been
able to experiance all the above.  That is why I am choosing cryonics.  When
I was a child I was so sad and depressed because I loved the other world that
I had gotten swallowed up in but couldn't ever get there.  Then I discovered
a way to live long enough to actually experiance it.
  So having said this I have a question.
1. Now that I have been revived from my suspended animation I now know that
they can revive people.  But lets say they that I am only 50 and I had died
early (because of a heart attack/AIDS/cancer etc..) and they havent perfected
the stopping of the aging process yet. They haven't even figured out
nanotechnology.  I live my life till I am about 105 (they have slowed down
the aging process but not stopped it or reversed it), and I die.  Can I be
suspended twice?

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