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Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 14:15:04 -0700 (PDT)
From: Olaf Henny <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #8222(DruidKitty)

Re: Message #8222 (DruidKitty)

Subject: Future feelings

> I am not so interested in living a LONG LONG time even though I am planning
>to.  I am interested in the future life.  To tell all of you fellow cryonics
>members the truth I hate the 1900's. 

If you hate the 1900's, I can almost guaranty you, that you will 
also "hate" the 21st century and any of the others if you choose 
to live that long.  Happiness is primarily within you or it is 
not.  The future is not likely to change your attitude toward 
your environment, unless you help.

>I know many of you still love it here
>but having read MANY sci-fi books and watching WAY too many sci-fi movies I
>have gotten swallowed in all of it's emotions, feelings (which I think that
>feelings are different than emotions), hopes, dreams, and crazyness. 

 >I love all those futuristc gizmos, all the neat clothes, all the media will be
 >better, more interesting and more entertaining.  

If you had lived in the last century you would have found the 
"futuristic gizmos" of this one nothing short of miraculous, our 
lifestyles of  being able to hop from continent to continent in 
just hours fantastic, and the way you and I are communicating 
nothing short of magic.  All the neat clothes you see on TV have 
been designed by contemporary artists and nothing keeps you from 
wearing them right now, but they will bear very little 
resemblance to what we will be wearing 100 years from now.  I 
have never seen in any of the early sci-fi shows projecting the 
grunge look onto the early nineties.

>At first you might think
>that this has little to do with cryonics but I am just getting started.
> Cryonics will let me have another chance at starting over.  I have not been
>able to experiance all the above.  That is why I am choosing cryonics.  When
>I was a child I was so sad and depressed because I loved the other world that
>I had gotten swallowed up in but couldn't ever get there.  Then I discovered
>a way to live long enough to actually experiance it.
>  So having said this I have a question.
>1. Now that I have been revived from 
>my suspended animation I now know that
>they can revive people.  But lets say they that I am only 50 and I had died
>early (because of a heart attack/AIDS/cancer etc..) and they havent perfected
>the stopping of the aging process yet. They haven't even figured out

The general expectation in this group is, that you will not be 
revived, unless:
you can and want to be uploaded into a construct, or all of the 
below conditions are met:
-  The decease that killed you can be cured
-  Aging can be cured
-  Aging can be reversed
The best bet for all three above appears to be at this time 
nanotechnology, but other means to achieve all three may well be 
found before nanotech will be sophisticated enough to do the job.

>I live my life till I am about 105... 

While you may well be able to attain a chronological or even 
subjective life span of a few hundred to a couple of thousand 
years, biological age of 105 years is not in the cards for you, 
unless you achieve it prior to you first and *only* freezing.  If 
and when you are ever revived from that, medical technology will 
be so far advanced, that anything as crude as cryonics will no 
longer be necessary.

>...(they have slowed down
>the aging process but not stopped it or reversed it), and I die.  

There are a lot of research results, which indicate, that we can 
a.)  slow down aging		and...
b)  reverse the biological age at least temporarily

If any of this actually contributes to extending the maximum 
human life span beyond the present limit of  about 120 years, we 
will not find out for another 40 to 50 years, when and *if* it 
actually starts to happen.  Right now nobody will go out on a 
limb and predict this to happen.

However, before any of this will do you any good, you will have 
to (re-?) create your joy for life as it is, restore your 
capability have.  A jaded outlook will rob you of most pleasures 
in this life as well as in a post-cryopresevation life, should 
you be able to attain that.

>Can I be suspended twice?

That will not be necessary.  Cryonics will die almost as soon as 
it has been proven successful.  It is a bridge we will only have 
to cross once.

Best wishes

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