X-Message-Number: 8252
Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 22:50:09 -0700
From: Tim Freeman <>
Subject: Life Extension Fellowship of Silicon Valley - calorie restriction

We rescheduled the meeting to help people with cryonics paperwork
from June 1 to June 8.  News about the May 8 meeting is toward the end
of this note.

The meeting on June 1 will be about calorie restriction.  We'll have a
typical meal from my diet, with these ingredients:

    Cheese, Parmesan, Grated 
    Wild Rice

(This is IT.7 as described at http://www.infoscreen.com/cron, except
with cod substituted for the tuna.)  There will also be ample fresh
bread from the bread machine.  Please RSVP.  We're charging $10 per

   When:  11am, Sunday, June 1
   Where: Tim and Ailing Freeman's house
          1104 Hollenbeck Ave.
          Sunnyvale, CA

If you get lost, give us a call at (408) 720-1778.  Or, proactively
get door-to-door directions from www.zip2.com.

The meeting on June 8 will be at 2pm, immediately before the Alcor
North meeting.  We'll have at least one insurance agent, a notary,
laminated "Certificate of Religious Belief" wallet cards to paperclip
to your driver's license, and paperwork for a variety of cryonics
organizations.  More details will be posted later.

Brian Shock, the membership coordinator for Alcor, said that signing
up with Alcor is a two step process: first you fill out an application
and send it to Alcor, then the information from the application is
used to generate contracts that you can then sign.  If you want to
make use of the notary for Alcor paperwork, and you don't have the
contracts already, you must contact Brian Shock at Alcor ASAP.  Their
number is (800) 367-2228.  (It appears that the paperwork for the
other cryonics organizations is simpler and can be finished on the
Tim Freeman       
Web-centered Java and Perl programming in Silicon Valley or offsite

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