X-Message-Number: 8270
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 1997 13:49:53 -0400 (EDT)
From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: More on member-down alert

Out of curiosity, I went out to the Web to see what I could find on
pulse monitors.  It occurred to me that Alcor, being a not-for-profit
company interested in medical issues, might even be able to get
information from one or more of these companies that we could use to
interface it to an alert system.

Anyhow, here's what I found -- I hope it's useful to someone:

http://www.campmor.com/watches/polar.pacer.html (chest belt transmits
signals to a watch; could we intercept them?)

http://www.shoptheplaza.com/clinic1/6.html (another cordless digital pulse

http://www.emi.net/casio/casio.html (the JP-200 Exercise Pulse Meter)

http://www.shoptheplaza.com/clinic1/5.html (wristwatch pulsemeter)

http://crichter.com/HealthFX/monitor.htm (pulse monitor comes free with
treadmill -- could we buy it separately?)

http://www.daily-herald.com/a-feb97/02149723.htm (a news story about

http://www.biosis.org/htmls/reviews/ap.html#14 (heart rate monitor software)

http://www.abinitio.com/odfs/pulse.htm#pulse (heart rate monitor software)

http://web_nt.sainc.com/arpa/abmt/oakridge.htm (an ARPA project that seems
to be like what we want)

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