X-Message-Number: 8301
Date:  Mon, 09 Jun 97 10:56:19 
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Tipler Theory Not Pseudoscience

In  #8298 On Sun, 08 Jun 97  John K Clark <> wrote:

> Tipler thinks that the universe will be able to perform an infinite, and not
> just astronomical, number of calculations between now and the final 
> singularity at the end of the Big Crunch. In order for that to be possible a 
> great many things must come out exactly right, so many things that it is very

> unlikely to happen by coincidence. It is for this reason that I think Tipler's
> critics were being unfair when they labeled it Pseudo Science. His ideas 
> might be completely wrong but they are not silly because it's possible to 
> prove them wrong. Tipler's Omega Point Theory makes a bunch of predictions, 

> practical predictions that should be able to be tested for in the next 4 or 5
> years. 

I agree that Tipler's ideas, while quite possibly wrong, are not silly and 
should not be labeled "pseudoscience." One prediction he makes is 
that the universe is closed, whereas I think the weight of evidence 
now favors an open universe, though the issue isn't settled.

Mike Perry

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