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Date: Mon, 18 May 92 18:48:03 PDT
From:  (John Gregor)
Subject: Re:  cryonics: #829 - #830

>[ I plan to submit a Request For Discussion for a USENET cryonics
>  newsgroup to news.announce.newgroups within the next day or two.
>  The name of the newsgroup will, of course, be open for discussion
>  during the discussion period.

Well, just to get my opinion in a day or two early... :-)

I really think sci.nanotech.cryonics is the best solution.  If it
weren't for the advances in nanotech, how many of us would feel so
confident about cryonics?  In fact, you can look at the cryonics
industry as the first industry to bet its future on the availability of
controllable nanotech.

And no matter what we might say on sci.med, I'm sure that the majority
of traffic on *.cryonics will not be about suspension protocols, brain
perfusion and the best way to do a cut-down.  It's going to be about
the coming age of nanotech, how to join up, financial planning, and
speculation on what it will mean to be 'human' in that era.  Don't get
me wrong, I'd love it for as much hard science to be posted to the
group as possible, but there are a lot more touchy-feely generalists
out on the net than there are hard-science folks.

John A. Gregor
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