X-Message-Number: 834
Subject: Re: cryonics: #831 - #833
Date: Tue, 19 May 92 23:18:39 PDT

In Message: #832 - Dirty Linen (Re: USENET Cryonics Newsgroup)
Bob Smart <> was concerned about the response
of certain people to the Alcor introductory material.

I wouldn't worry.  The two folks who posted their opinions of the 
material were completely rabid about cryonics long before they got it.  
One of them (Gordon Banks) is much more reasonable after getting the 
material than he was at first.  Most people who ask for information 
are looking for something honest, and the booklet *is* our honest 
opinion of the state of the art, and the prospects for the future.  
Long as we don't promise more than we can deliver we should be ok. 

Keith Henson

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