X-Message-Number: 8346
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 17:49:56 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Poison

Charles Platt (#8343) complains that, although I showed that his quoted DMF
toxicity (rodent ingestion or injection) was in fact very low (since the dose
was huge), I ignored his further quotation that the vapor is irritating to
eyes and caused liver damage when inhaled for prolonged periods.

Again, a totally unscientific and willfully biased intended implication.
There are PLENTY of substances that irritate eyes or mucous membranes or
lungs or damage various organs under various circumstances, yet are
relatively safe and even therapeutic when appropriately used. Pepper, for
example. Smoke from marijuana cigarettes. Vinegar. Some outright poisons have
been used as therapy, e.g. arsenic for syphilis. Selenium is poisonous in
relatively small doses, yet in still smaller doses is essential for health.
Many accepted medications have very serious side effects; the question is
risk/benefit. Charles knows all this.

The facts about Virodene will emerge in due course. Meanwhile, one can choose
whether to hope it succeeds or hope it fails. We know who hopes it fails.

Robert Ettinger

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