X-Message-Number: 8347
Date: Thu Jun 26 03:54:54 1997  PST
Subject: ACS May Sell Trans Time Stock
From:  (Edgar W Swank)

To Cryonet Readers:

One of our American Cryonics Society (ACS) members currently in
suspension has in her estate 6650 shares of Trans Time stock.

We recently received a written offer from Trans Time Attorney
Ronald S. Barkin offering to buy (repurchase) these shares.
The ACS Board of Governors will discuss this offer at their next
regular meeting on Sunday, July 13. Before that time, we would
like to hear from any other individuals or organizations which
might also be interested in purchasing this stock.

Any interested parties please contact ACS at

Mail:     P.O. Box 1509, Cupertino, CA 95015
Phone:    (415)254-2001
FAX:      (415)967-4444

Please understand this is NOT an offer to sell this stock. The
Board may well decide not to accept any offers and retain

We also make no representations about the present or future worth
of this stock. Buyers are expected to inform themselves, caveat

For questions about Trans Time or its stock, contact Trans Time

  Trans Time, Inc.
  10208 Pearmain St.
  Oakland, CA 94603
  [from cryomsg 0004 - may not be current]

or their attorney

  Ronald S. Barkin
  3050 Shattuck Avenue
  Berkeley, CA 94705
  Phone: (510)848-4752
  FAX:   (510)848-5819

Edgar W. Swank   <>
President - American Cryonics Society

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