X-Message-Number: 8350
Subject: DMF/"Virodene"
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 13:49:36 -0400
From: "Perry E. Metzger" <>

> From: Charles Platt <>

> You know nothing of the kind. I have friends who are dying of AIDS. It is
> inexcusable to suggest that I would hope a purported AIDS cure turns out
> to be a failure. Quite the contrary; I would like to believe, very much,
> that Visser has stumbled on something useful. This is possible, since
> idiot-savants do sometimes blunder into useful areas. But I see absolutely
> no hope or evidence for DMF curing anything. And I absolutely abhor the
> practice of spreading false hope. 

Beyond that, there are plenty of REAL drugs like protease inhibitors
that have proven effective in many cases in reducing the concentration
of HIV in the bloodstream, sometimes to the point where no viruses are

The worst thing Visser has done, in my opinion, is to hold out quack
cures when real treatments do in fact exist.


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