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Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 00:17:03 -0700
From: Paul Wakfer <>
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Subject: Prometheus Project Update

Two major developments have taken place since my last report on the
Prometheus Project. First, a $10,000 per year pledge has been received
from Walter De Brouwer of Belgium who wrote:

>We have done our best to publicize your research programme and due to
>our good reputation in research I have been offered a board seat on the
>Visionary Research Funding Committee of the European Commission.  That
>is where I could take this further (although I encountered a lot of
>unbelief and scepticism already).  
>Now I want my company to make a pledge of 10,000 $/year.

In a reply to my thank-you note, Walter wrote:

>If you are ever in the neighbourhood of our countries (or anyone from
>prometheus) we'll set something up to introduce them to the right >people.

The second major development is the offer of $100,000 in immediate
research funding plus the use of a laboratory, its equipment (including
3 electron microscopes), and access to specialized testing and analysis
in other labs as necessary. The lab facilites being offered are located
in a major university medical center and the person (a cryonicist
medical doctor) offering this package is the Head of Pathology at that
center. A dialogue between this person and a well known cryobiologist is
in progress which aims to develop research plans for a pilot project to
begin prior to the achievement of the Prometheus Project's targeted
pledge total. Several months ago, there was a proposal and discussion on
the Prometheus Pledgers Forum about the possibility of such a pilot
project and several pledgers indicated, at that time, that they would be
willing to commit their pledge funds early toward such a pilot project. 
It is hoped that this pilot project will show that the Prometheus
Project is  "really" going to happen, and, as a consequence, accelerate
the achievement of its goals.

In addition, pledges were received from:

Doug Platt for $500 per year to join with someone else who is pledging a
like amount;

Brook Norton for $1000 per year who wrote: "I'm glad to be of some help
on this project and thank you for your tremendous effort to make
Prometheus happen"; 

and two pledgers who wanted to remain anonymous. The first, who pledged
$1000 per year wrote: "Good luck and kudos on your persistence". The
second for $2000 per year came just two days ago.

Many thanks to these new pledgers for emphasizing their concern for
conserving life through support of the Project. Naturally, I am
delighted with these events and will keep readers posted about further

Funding Statistics

There are now 82 pledges with total value $384,600 per year for ten

Number of pledges for each yearly dollar amount:

           3 for $50,000,
          11 for $10,000,
           1 for  $6,800,
           8 for  $5,000,
           1 for  $4,000,
           1 for  $3,000,
           1 for  $2,500,
           9 for  $2,000,
           5 for  $1,500,
           4 for  $1,200,
          38 for  $1,000.

Yearly pledge totals by national origin:

     Australia                  $5,500
     Belgium                   $10,000 
     Canada                    $27,000
     France                     $2,000
     Germany                    $1,500
     New Zealand                $1,500
     Sweden                     $1,000
     United States            $331,100
     No country                 $5,000

-- Paul --

Paul Wakfer
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