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Subject: Alcor Nevada Minutes
Date: Mon, 18 May 92 23:10:19 PDT

                         ALCOR NEVADA MINUTES
                  SUNDAY MAY 10TH 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
       Ron Feuerstein      Sterling Johnson    Eric Klien
       Don Laughlin        Ron Piturka         Dave Pizer
       Jerry Searcy        Frank Ujlaki       
Audi Flambe'
Along the way to Don Laughlin's casino, my temperature light went on 
so I pulled over.  I opened my hood to be met by flames!  Luckily, 
coolant was being sprayed all over the place so the fire put itself 
out quickly.  Unfortunately, the other person in our convoy, Jim 
Burns, became seperated from us and didn't know about the fire.  So 
when he reached the Riverside Casino no one met him there and he 
eventually went home.  Otherwise we would have had nine people at the 
meeting.  To make a long story short, before the tow truck towed away 
my car out of the middle of the desert, Don's nearly brand new van 
had arrived to rescue us.  We eventually arrived at our destination 
two hours late.  The damage to the car was only $60, just the coolant 
hoses had to be replaced.  
Don will bring some of his employees to our next meeting so we can 
answer their questions before they begin their EMT training.  
Mercy Ambulance had a bigger backlog of students than was originally 
thought.  Jerry and I won't be able to begin our training until 
October 20th.  The training will end November 26th.  We could start 
our training a month earlier at a community college but we would 
prefer to work with Mercy Ambulance since they do most of the EMT 
work in Nevada.  The Fire Department does the rest of the EMT work.  
Clark County Fire Dept.
The Acting Paramedic Coordinator also ignored the certified letter 
that Don Laughlin's lawyer set him.  It looks like Carlos Mondragon's 
and Austin Tupler's advice didn't work.  I will now try Sterling 
Johnson's advice of making an appointment to see this government 
official.  Sterling says that using lawyers and certified letters is 
not the best way to establish relationships with public officials.  
[ Note: The following section is presented FYI only.  As noted in
  previous messages, the cryonics mailing list cannot endorse any
  particular investment method, so any investments or large donations
  mentioned are not to be interpreted as solicitations. - KQB ]

New Building
We are going to buy the first building discussed for the sum of 
$435,000.  The new owner of the building has agreed to sell it for 
that price.

Ron Feuerstein, Don Laughlin's tax attorney, had some comments on the 
best way to buy the new building.  He had the following to say about 
giving money as donations to Alcor instead of as an investment 
through a corporation: 

1) Tax credit would be given to individual that year.  
2) Unfriendly relatives couldn't get part ownership of building if 
Alcor member died.  
3) Alcor may receive reduced property taxes if it owns the building.  


1) Increased value of property in the future would not be credited 
to donor.  
2) The Patient Care Fund (which would own this property) would be 
unable to sell the property in a hurry if the government was trying 
to seize its assets.


1) No yearly depreciation would be passed through donors/investors in 
either case since papers would be drawn up after the 1986 tax law 

Based on these factors, Alcor is currently asking for donations 
instead of investments.  If you are interested please contact Dave 
Pizer ASAP.  


Frank Ujlaki suggested that I contact a doctor who is a customer of
his bookstore.  This doctor showed some interest in cryonics.  I'll 
contact him before the next meeting.  

Charlie Hartman recommends that when speaking to doctors that you use 
the words "experiment" and "volunteer" as in the following:  "I'm in 
this experiment, I've volunteered -would you consider helping me?" 


Steve Harris submitted the following after he read our last minutes 
on cryonet.  Suffice it to say that after reading this I don't think 
adding Hydergine to our suspension protocol would be a good idea!  

[ Text of message #762 deleted to avoid duplication - KQB ]

Recruiting Members 

The Las Vegas Review-Journal ran my free ad for a second time.  It 
again failed but I will run it again next month.  

I expect a lot of Libertarians to show up at a meeting in the near 
future.  We almost had quite a few attend this meeting but the 
lawsuit of Nevadans for Lower Taxes against various public and 
private agencys and officials was moved up by the courts.  This anti-
tax group is led by the Nevada Libertarian Chair and so the lawsuit 
stopped quite a few Libertarians from showing up.  Jim Burns, one of 
the more active Libertarians in the state, almost did show up but my 
car fire ended his efforts at being at our meeting.  

Don Laughlin will have a few of his employees show up at our next 
meeting so we can answer their questions related to EMT training.  
This will probably give us an attendance record at the next meeting.  

I am open to suggestions on ways to recruit members.  If anyone calls 
in any ideas, I will try to implement them before our next meeting.  

Patient Care Fund 

The Patient Care Trust Fund Advisory Committee met via telephone and 
recommended the following actions: 

1) Close the Pacific Horizon bank account and the First Interstate 
Bank account to simplify matters.  Transfer this money to the Charles 
Schwab account.  2) Close the Capital Preservation Fund account due 
to its market under performance.  Transfer this money to the Charles 
Schwab account.  3) Invest the money in the Charles Schwab account 
into the Scudder Short Term Global fund.  This is a fund that invests 
in the foreign equivalent of money market funds and then hedges to 
take care of currency fluctuations.  This will be an investment of 
approximately $235,000.  4) Transfer $50,000 from the Benham Adj Rate 
Govt Sec Fund into the Charles Schwab account.  This money will be 
invested in a convertible bond fund for increased performance.  5) 
Invest this $50,000 into the TCW Convertible Fund using Schwab.  This 
will leave the Patient Care Fund with $400,000 left in the Benham Adj 
Rate Govt Sec Fund plus approximately $300,000 in non liquid assets.  

The actions were basically approved at the last board meeting.  I'll 
report the exact actions taken by Alcor in our next minutes.  I 
believe that the two actions that Alcor did differently were that the 
First Interstate Bank account was kept open because it contained 
prepaid suspension money and that the Scudder Short Term Global fund 
was bought directly to save $250 in commission costs.  (We wanted to 
buy it directly to save Joe Hovey some work.  $250 is only 1/10 of 1% 
of the amount involved and this transaction will increase Alcor's 
rate of return by 6%.) 

In the last minutes, Charlie Hartman asked if there was some way that 
members can put money into the patient care fund individually before 
they enter suspension.  It seems that based on the money that we have 
in the First Interstate Bank account that the answer is YES.  So 
people like Charlie should contact Alcor if they wish to make 
arrangements to prepay their suspension into the patient care fund.

Certificates of Religious Belief 

Jerry Searcy and I had people witness our wallet sized certificates 
of religous belief.  We will get them laminated before we use them.  
Other Alcor members can get them from The Venturists.  

Checkfree Corporation 

I have found this corporation could be used to make automatic monthly 
withdrawals from checking accounts and credit cards.  I have spoken 
to Ralph Whelan and hope to soon work out the details in promoting 
this new way that Alcor members can donate money.  This corporation 
is a little cheaper than the service offered by 1st Interstate Bank 
which is Alcor's bank.  (They charge $250 to get such a service 
started, 1st Interstate charges $800.)  Basically, this service would 
only be useful if we could get at least $1000/month in donations.  

The Seed Of The Woman 

Charlie Hartman recommend that we use this book for religious groups.  
If anyone's interested, I could ask Charlie for the publisher's and 
author's name.  Tanya said she's interested, so I'll request the info
from Charlie.


I passed around the petition that I received from Saul Kent.  It asks 
for 1) An Executive search committee.  2) Permanent procedures for an 
ongoing evaluation of the CEO.  3) An official liason between Alcor's 
management and its membership.  4) The right for official chapters to 
choose a member of the Alcor board (one per chapter).  5) Returning a 
portion of membership dues to official Alcor chapters.  

Next Meeting 

Our next meeting will be on the second Sunday of next month, June 
14th, at 5:00 PM at the Riverside casino in Laughlin, Nevada.  Take 
95 south from Las Vegas, through Henderson, where it forks between 95 
and 93.  Bear right at the fork and stay on 95 past Searchlight until 
you reach the intersection with 163 a little before the border with 
California.  Go left on 163 and stay on it until you see signs for 
Laughlin.  You can't miss the Riverside Casino in Laughlin, Nevada.  
For more information, call Eric Klien at (702) 255-1355.  I'll be 
car-pooling there with other Las Vegans. 

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