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Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 12:52:40 -0400 (EDT)
From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: Re: Nagging questions

>From: Marty Nemko <>
>Subject: Nagging questions
>I have been contemplating signing up with CryoCare or Alcor for a long
>time, and wonder why I, a person not otherwise prone to procrastination,
>continue to defer making this decision.
>It seems that it hinges on my analysis that the probability of
>satisfactory revival is so close to zero (e.g., less than 1 in a
>billion) that it's not worth the hassle of having to get my family,
>doctor, on board, the paperwork, etc.

1) Any chance, even one in a billion, is infinitely greater than zero,
which is what I have if I die without being suspended.

2) The paperwork isn't that hard.  There are a lot of papers to sign,
but a paperwork party helps a lot with that.

3) Getting people on board will be much easier when you're more optimistic.
It will even be fun.

4) You may want to check out "Learned Optimism", by Martin Seligman, or
any of a number of recent books on the personal, professional, health,
and longevity benefits of optimism.  (Hey, if the chances are one in a
billion now, they can only improve, right? ;-) )

I'm not going to attempt to answer all of your concerns one by one.
First, I figure someone else will do that.  Second, I don't think you
could hear my answers in a constructive spirit given what I see as your
current pessimistic bent of mind.

>1. Cryonicists seem to ridicule "simple cloning" as far less desirable
>than suspension followed by revival....  Given my
>already-starting-to-fade memory, seeing my personal archive of memories,
>etc., might not result in too great a loss from my current self.  What
>am I not understanding?

That *you* wouldn't be there to do any "seeing".  There might not be too
great a loss to the rest of the world, but f**k the rest of the world --
if *I* am not there, *I* don't care.  If the world wants my "archive of
memories, etc.", they can read my memoirs, sack my estate, or whatever.
If they want my physical appearance, certainly by then they'll be able
to create a hologram, VR simulation, or robot.  This all does *me* no
good.  I love living, and I want to keep doing it.  I am (all but)
infinitely valuable to myself, and I'll do a lot to give myself a nonzero
chance of staying around.

Actually, I see this issue as much larger than the other, and one
that you must grapple with before your long litany of objections can
be answered.  Personally, I see that some responses (such as mine) to
this issue render the objections moot, or at worst side issues to note
and handle as well as possible.

>2. What's the current thinking on the pros and cons of CryoCare vs.
I'm signed up with Alcor.  Not that I have anything against CryoCare,
but it was easiest for me because I knew more people in Alcor who could
help guide me through the paperwork, etc.  If I had a lot more money,
I'd probably sign up with more than one organization -- who knows who'll
be handiest when I fall over?


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