X-Message-Number: 8396
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 04:04:37 -0400
From: "Andrew S.Davidson" <>
Subject: Payment up-front

>At Alcor, advance payments of suspension funds cannot be used for
>"capital."  You don't want an organization which will spend your money
>upfront and then can't afford to actually FREEZE you twenty years later.=

>So all advance payments are placed in federally insured investment funds=

>which cannot be touched (except for a tiny management fee) until the
>member requires suspension.  The primary advantage to Alcor in such
>arrangements are that the funds are accessible more quickly than they
>would be with an insurance policy or individual trust.

I do want an organisation which has sufficient working capital and assets=

to be able to freeze me - no good waiting until I'm due.  I've no objecti=
to the capital being used as long as it isn't depleted.

What rate of return do the investment funds provide?

>There is one other advantage in some cases: the money earns interest, so=

>the total amount will gradually build up.  So we do, in a sense, offer o=
>"special" benefit for advance payment of suspension funding.  If we have=

>the money in our possession, we guarantee that we will not raise the
>suspension minimums for you.  For a long time, Alcor required only
>$100,000 as a minimum.  We now require $120,000.  Someday we may require=

>more.  If you get in with $120,000 in cash now ($50,000 for
>Neurosuspension), you are locked in.

If I paid for a neuro today, would I be able to get my money back if I
changed my mind?


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