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Subject: Article on cryonics in May 1989 Longevity
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A recent article on cryonics, "Resurrection for Sale", appeared in the May
1989 issue of Longevity magazine on page 22.

Despite the biblical implications of the title, the article did mention
nanotechnology and cell repair machines.  The article said "The science
behind Alcor's unusual approach to lengevity is highly controversial.  So
are the laws."  It then discusses the Dick Jones suspension, mentions the
Dora Kent case, describes the Alcor facilities, and generally provides
information on the subject of cryonics.

In reference to the Dora Kent case, the article quotes Mike Darwin as
saying "I must have been brain dead to have brought her in here".

It also says that David Mitchell, chief of the Office of the State
Registrar, says he has no opinion about whether cryonics will ever work.

Again, Arthur Rowe, M.D., editor-in-chief of Cryobiology, is quoted as
saying "To believe in cryonics, you would have to believe you could make a
cow from hamburger."  This is an interesting statement.  Cows are now
commonly manufactured by other cows.  A sufficient quantity of hamburger
could be used today as fertilizer for grass, which could in turn be used to
raise cows.  It would appear that the manufacture of cows from hamburger is

Hans Moravec is quoted as saying "While none of these [cryonic] approaches
are feasible at the present time, none are demonstrably at variance with
known physical laws."

Timothy Leary is quoted as saying cryonics "is the second dumbest idea in
the world.  Number one is letting them put you in a coffin and letting the
worms eat you."

Longevity's coverage of cryonics has become much more favorable in tone
over the course of the last few years.  Earlier articles implied it was
insane, and possibly criminal.

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