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Subject: Re: cryonics: #834 - #837
Date: Thu, 21 May 92 10:29:52 PDT

I started one non-profit (L5 Society) and am on the board of another 
(National Space Society.)  Paul Wafker comments in #837 that 
non-profits usually split the functions of President and Executive 
Director, when they reach a certain size.  He is correct, but I think 
Alcor is a long way from that size.  L5 reached almost 10,000 members 
before the president quit having anything to do with the ordinary 
operation of the society.  Even if you make the case on dues times members 
we are still a ways off.

Re the concept mentioned in #836 of returning part of emergency 
responsibility fees to chapters--that depends on the model of what 
chapters are doing.  If they are acting as social clubs, they can pay 
for cokes and cookies out of their pockets.  If they are going to be 
seriously involved in transports and suspensions, then we need to 
think long and hard about organization.  The concept of transport 
teams' being under local chapter control rather than Alcor's direct 
authority should be examined very carefully.  Do chapters *want* to be 
responsible for controlled drugs?  (Each will have to find a doctor 
willing to take responsibility.)  Will chapter leaders always be 
medically competent?  Northern California has both an informal chapter 
and a local transport team.  In spite of what has been used as the 
leadin announcing our meetings, the chapter and the transport team are 
on independent authority lines, with the transport team looking to 
direct Alcor authority to operate.  

Note that there is nothing wrong with a chapter being interested in 
the status or activities of a local transport team, supporting them 
logistically, or raising money for "beyond the minimum" items like new 
HLR machines.  But I signed up with *Alcor*, and I expect Alcor to be 
responsible for my suspension, not some chapter. 

Keith Henson

PS I have to be in Washington DC for an NSS board meeting this 
weekend, so it may be a while before I can respond to this thread. 

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