X-Message-Number: 841
From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: Cryonics Humor 
Date: 21 May 1992

Most of our cryonics-related messages are so dead-serious about staying
alive that one might wonder if the mere act of smiling might break our faces.
No, I won't inflict much humor on you, but I will tell you how you can
inflict it on yourself.  Send to me email with the Subject line:
    CRYOMSG 0013
to receive the compendium of cryo-humor.  Currently, it has the following:
    JoJo's Bodaceous Self-Preservation Clinique - by Joseph Francis (sci.med)
    Bodaceous (Part II) - by Andrew Davidson  <- NEW!!!
    Dr. Seuss Meets The Reaper - Dirk Rosholt via Steve Harris (msg #474)
plus some random musings by assorted people.
			      Kevin Q. Brown
                              UUCP        ...att!whscad1!kqb
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