X-Message-Number: 851
Date: 23 May 92 05:41:51 EDT
From: Bob Smart <>
Subject: CRYONICS: FAQ List

If we do succeed in getting a sci.* group of our own, one of the basic
furnishings we'll need there will of course be a FAQ list.  I suggest that
in addition to basic information about cryonics proper, we collect the
commonly-voiced objections to the existence of cryonics and supply the
standard rebuttals.  The list in CRYOMSG 0012 is a good start.

[ Yes, I too was impressed with the USENET news.groups posting by
  Steven J. Edwards, which is included in message 0012, and I can
  see the beginnings of a FAQ in it.  You may also be interested in
  message 0005 (Suggested Reference Messages for New Subscribers),
  which refers to messages 50, 157, 351, and 431. - KQB ]

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