X-Message-Number: 8708
Date: Tue Nov 04 09:39:20 1997  PST
Subject: ACS News - ACS now uses PGP for encrypted E-mail
From:  (Edgar W Swank)

The American Cryonics Society is proud to announce the purchase
(for commercial use) and installation of PGP 5.0, a public-key
cryptography tool. It is used to ensure privacy of E-mail through
encryption and to also ensure authenticity by means of "digital
signatures."  As far as we know, we are the first Cryonics
Society to offer our members and customers the privacy protection
of encrypted electronic communications.

Although we had to pay for our copy of PGP, because we use it
commercially, our members & customers can download free copies
wherever they are in the world. For more details, see our website


Edgar W. Swank   <>
President - American Cryonics Society

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