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Date: 03 Jun 92 04:57:19 EDT
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: Stockholders elect new Cryovita President

The following statement was released in Riverside California, May 31, 1992:

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    At a stockholder's meeting at its offices in Riverside, California
today, Paul Wakfer was chosen to replace Hugh Hixon as President and Chief
Executive Officer (CEO) of Cryovita Laboratories.  Hixon had served as
Cryovita's President and CEO ever since the cryonic suspension of Jerry D.
Leaf, the company's founder in July 1991.

    Jerry Leaf founded Cryovita in 1978 in order to conduct low temperature
biological research, with the ultimate aim of achieving human suspended
animation.  In 1979, Cryovita began to offer cryonic suspension services to
the Alcor Life Extension Foundation and continued to do so until Leaf was
placed into suspension.  In the mid 1980s, Cryovita collaborated with Alcor
to conduct pioneering experiments in which dogs were placed into liquid
state suspended animation (at temperatures just above zero degrees C.) for
up to 4 and a half hours,  with subsequent full recovery.

    Wakfer is a suspension member of Alcor, who recently came to Riverside
from Toronto, Canada in order to use his talents on behalf of the cryonics
movement.  In the early 1970s, he fulfilled all his Ph.D. requirements for
Mathematical Logic (except the writing of this thesis) at McMaster
University in Canada.  Wakfer has expertise in computer hardware, software,
and operating systems on mainframes, mini- and micro-computers, and ran his
own computer consulting business in Toronto from 1985-1990.

    Wakfer was a mainstay of the Ontario Libertarian Party in the late
1970s and became President of the Libertarian Party of Canada in 1978,
before forming his own political party in 1980, which he ran until he
became disillusioned with political activity in 1982.

"In recent years, Cryovita has been unable to do any research because of
increasing demands for cryonic suspension services," said Wakfer after
taking office.  "I intend to change all that.  Although Cryovita will
continue to play a role in the cryonic suspension of Alcor members, its
primary activity will be research to perfect suspended animation.  I intend
to get Cryovita rolling by investing some of my own money in the company,
and by working tirelessly to help the company succeed.  I'm grateful for
the opportunity to lead Cryovita and to play a role in advancing the
science of cryonics."

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