X-Message-Number: 879
Date: 06 Jun 92 02:34:16 EDT
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: Re: cryonics: #878


I personally think that what we will find is that there is a great 
variety of possible kinds of damage, some of which give an obvious road
to repair and others that LOOK almost impossible. Medicine has usually
gone that way: once you look at something, it becomees more and more

For myself, I have decided to have any remains at all suspended. My
problem is that it just will not be obvious to us now what is easy and
hard to repair. Distinctions between micro and macro damage, for instance,
may form a rough guide but when scrutinized breaks down. I would with 
regret accept that SOME kinds of damage will make us unrecoverable ...
but in any real case it would be foolish for us now to try to work
out the distinction.
				Best and long life
					Thomas Donaldson

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