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From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: Call For Votes: sci.cryonics 
Date: 8 Jun 1992

I have appended below the Call For Votes for a USENET Cryonics News Group,
which I just posted to the listed news groups, the Extropians and Libernet
mailing lists, and a few interested parties.  My thanks to everyone who
contributed their thoughts to the Request For Discussion (even those with
whom I disagreed) and to the sci.med cryonics debate.
Please send your votes soon, but don't send them to me.  Send them according
the instructions listed below.  Thanks!
                              Kevin Q. Brown
>Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups news.groups sci.nanotech sci.med
>Mailing Lists: cryonics extropians libernet 
>Subject: CFV: sci.cryonics
>Keywords: cryonics, biostasis, suspended animation
>Followup-To: poster

Call For Votes:

  Proposed group: sci.cryonics

  Status: Unmoderated

  Voting Period: June 8, 1992 - June 30, 1992 Eastern Daylight Time


    Cryonic suspension is an experimental procedure whereby patients
    who can no longer be kept alive with today's medical abilities are
    preserved at low temperature for treatment in the future.
    This newsgroup will be the place to keep up-to-date on topics related
    to cryonics, which include biochemistry of memory, low temperature
    biology, new cryonics-related research and publications, legal status
    of cryonics and cryonically suspended people, nanotechnology and cell
    repair machines, mass media coverage of cryonics, conferences, and
    local cryonics group meetings.


    A cryonics mailing list (moderated by Kevin Q. Brown) has been
    running for almost four years and the mailing list size and
    message frequency now have reached "critical mass" for forming a
    USENET news group.  Reaching a wider audience is important for
    two reasons:
      (1) we have found that a number of people have been looking for
          something like a newsgroup on cryonics but do not know where
          to look and
      (2) cryonics needs a lot of research, critical thought,
	  skilled and knowledgeable communication, and other support
	  to succeed, and everyone will benefit from its success.

Voting Procedure:

    Tim Freeman has kindly offered his services to do the vote counting.
    To send a "yes" vote, send email to:


    and to send a "no" vote, send email to:


    The subject line and body of the email are ignored.  His software
    will acknowledge your vote automatically, while also logging it for
    his records.  If you vote more than once, only your last vote
    received will be counted in the final tally.

    Note: Please do not send your vote to me; use only the above two
    addresses.  Also, be certain to send to the user id "tsf=yes" or
    "tsf=no", exactly as written above, because the names "yes" and "no"
    by themselves will not work.  If you do not receive an acknowledgment
    within 24 hours, you may inquire at  to verify that the
    vote was received.

    DO NOT POST YOUR VOTE!  Posted votes will not be counted.

Voting Period:

    All votes must be received by Tim Freeman at the above two addresses
    before midnight June 30, 1992, Eastern Daylight Time.  (ie. The date
    he receives the email must be in June, not July, in his local time.)
    Any votes received in July will be discarded.

			       Kevin Q. Brown
			       UUCP        ...att!whscad1!kqb

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