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Subject: Alcor Agenda
Date: Mon,  8 Jun 92 18:39:20 PDT

The following is the Agenda and Resolutions taken at the most recent meeting 
of the Alcor Board of Directors:  

                                A G E N D A

                               June 7th, 1992

1)    Welcome to Guests 

2)    Minutes of Previous Meetings
          The Secretary (Paul Genteman) reported that he was recently 
without access to a computer, and therefore did not have the minutes 
prepared.  He will bring them to the next meeting.          

3)    Report on Recent Suspension
          The President (Carlos Mondragon) reported that Michael Friedman, 
an Alcor suspension member of over five years had been murdered at the L. A. 
County Law Library on Monday afternoon, June 1st.  Michael was shot from 
behind five times, four times in the head.  The 9mm gun then jammed, 
whereupon his assailant (a new client whom he had just met) pulled another 
gun and used it to to shoot himself in the head.  Both men were pronounced 
dead at the scene.
          Alcor was notified by the Friedman's father about four hours 
later, immediately after he had been told by the police.  Since the Alcor 
necktag was under clothing, no one could have even seen it until the 
clothing was removed at the coroner's office several hours later.
          Alcor's attorneys David Epstein and Christopher Ashworth were 
consulted.  Epstein and Carlos Mondragon spent the rest of Monday night and 
Tuesday morning in negotiation with the coroner.  An agreement was reached 
whereby the body and brain were released to Alcor Tuesday afternoon.  The 
brain was not sectioned by the coroner.
          Michael Friedman is Alcor's 22nd patient.  There will be a 
memorial service in Los Angeles on Sunday, June 14th.  Contact Alcor for 
information.  Greater detail on this suspension will be in the July issue of 
*Cryonics* magazine.

4)    Financial Status
          Carlos Mondragon reported that internal accounting was up to date, 
first quarter numbers for 1992 showed a surplus in the General Operations.  
Balance Sheets, and Income Statements in all other funds also remain in very 
strong condition.  Joe Hovey reported that April financials were nearly 
ready as well, and recommendations presented at the last meeting by the 
Patient Care Trust Advisory Committee had all been implemented.

5)    Mission Statement
          At the suggestion of board member Brenda Peters, Carlos Mondragon 
had written two alternative "Mission Statements" for the board's 
consideration.  Brenda expressed general satisfactions with either of the 
alternatives, and asked the board and all other members present to consider 
these statements and send in opinion so that one or the other could be 
adopted at the next meeting.  (A mission statement is meant to guide 
decision making, setting of specific goals, etc.)  These are the two 
suggestions put forth so far:

               MISSION STATEMENT #1

     The Alcor Life Extension Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable 
foundation primarily engaged in research aimed at the development of 
reversible suspended animation.  Alcor provides cryonic suspension for its 
members who have arranged anatomical donations for this purpose.  Alcor is 
committed to maintaining the best possible levels of suspension patient 
transport, cryoprotective perfusion, and long term care available anywhere 
in the world.  The Alcor Foundation also provides public education in all 
areas of life extension technology.

               MISSION STATEMENT #2
     The Alcor Life Extension Foundation is a non-profit charitable 
organization engaged in research directed toward the development of 
reversible suspended animation, providing cryonic suspension services 
including stabilization, transport, cryoprotective perfusion and long term 
storage and care to its members and also providing public education in all 
areas of life extension technology.

6)    Arizona Building / Fundraising

          Carlos Mondragon reported that the target amount had not been 
reached for the building.  It was agreed that the search would continue.  
Dave Pizer reported that the building next to Alcor's current facility is up 
for sale at $265K, but there was no apparent interest in that property.  
Alcor will solicit more volunteers to assist with the search.
          The currently existing fundraising committee was disbanded by a 
unanimous vote, it will be reconstituted at the next meeting.

7)    Communications between Members and Alcor Management

          This item was added to the agenda at the request of Saul Kent.  A 
discussion on how to facilitate communications followed.  Proposals 
included: putting instructions for getting onto the Cryonet in *Cryonics* 
magazine, putting short bios on each director in the magazine along with 
info on how to reach them, and including more reportage in the magazine on 
the current issues before the board of directors.

8)   Security Questions
     a)   Computer Systems
          The board voted unanimously to implement the portion of a proposed 
security policy related to Alcor's LAN.
     b)   Membership Lists
          The board voted unanimously to authorize the President to allow 
the use of Alcor's mailing lists by any board member at his discretion.  If 
the President declines such a request, the full board will be asked to vote 
on the matter.

8)   Suspension Capability 
     a)   Contract with *Biopreservation*
          Carlos Mondragon reported that he had signed an agreement with 
*Biopreservation* (Michael Federowicz) as agreed at the previous meeting.
     b)   Cryovita Control Change
          It was reported that the stockholders of *Cryovita* elected Paul 
Wakfer as the company's president.
     c)   Contract with *Cryovita*  
          With two minor changes, the board authorized the president to sign 
an agreement which had been proposed by the the new president of *Cryovita.*  
Two directors, Brenda Peters and Hugh Hixon, are shareholders of *Cryovita* 
and thus ineligible to vote.  There was one abstention and six votes in 

9)   Other Business

          Joe Hovey suggested that the board authorize the purchase of 
equipment needed for suspension capability.  Discussion followed with a 
consensus that the president would direct Tanya Jones to complete a study of 
the costs and preparation of a proposal with the goal of getting a much 
improved suspension capability.

          Eric Klein suggested that the Patient Care Trust Advisory 
Committee should also advise Alcor on its Endowment Fund investments.  With 
the caution that this function is to be separate, there was unanimous 
approval of this suggestion.

          The meeting was then adjourned.

     Warning: these are not official minutes, but notes expanded upon from 
the scribbles on Carlos Mondragon's copy of the agenda.    

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