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From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: Re: Call For Votes: sci.cryonics 
Date: 11 Jun 1992

Subject: UNVOTES?

I just realized last night that perhaps not everyone on the cryonics
mailing list knows that votes for or against a USENET news group are
NOT anonymous ballots, as we are used to having when voting for a
President, Senator, etc.  By necessity, to keep the game clean, when
the voting period has ended, the vote collectors must post to USENET
the list of everyone who voted and how they voted.  This gives everyone
an opportunity to correct any errors before the net.gods officially
bless the vote and either create the new news group or prevent its

Why am I pointing out this detail to the cryonics mailing list?
It is because there are a few people who prefer their membership on
the cryonics mailing list to be anonymous.  True, registering a vote
for a sci.cryonics news group does not by itself also say that one is
a cryonicist or even a member of the mailing list, but it does publicly
register some interest in the topic.  Frankly, I hope that nobody
decides not to vote because of this feature of the standard USENET voting
procedure, but, as in other aspects of cryonics, it is important for
everyone to have INFORMED consent.  If, by chance, you have already
sent a vote to Tim Freeman and now do not want your vote to be counted
(so that your interest in cryonics can remain anonymous) then send email
to him at  (NOT the email addresses for voting) requesting
an UNvote.  If you do not receive an acknowledgment within three days,
then send email to me and I will take care of it.

For everyone else, you can just ignore this message, and thank you for
taking the time to vote.

                              Kevin Q. Brown
                              UUCP        ...att!whscad1!kqb
                              COMPUSERVE  >INTERNET:

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