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Subject: CRYONICS - April 26 ACS Meeting Rpt
From:  (Edgar W. Swank)
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 92 19:13:19 PDT

Report of the Meeting of the American Cryonics Society
Board of Governors
April 26, 1992
Trans Time Facility
10208 Pearmain St., Oakland, CA
The meeting was called to order by Dr.  Avi Ben-Abraham, President of
the American Cryonics Society (ACS) at 7:30 p.m.  who welcomed
members and guests.  After discussion of Agenda items the meeting
was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
Governors Present            Governors Absent
Avi Ben-Abraham, M.D.   Kent Cullers, Ph.D.
Carmen Brewer
John Day
Dick Marsh, Ph.D.
Jerry White
Jim Yount
Dr.  Michael Breen, M.D.  who is the medical reporter for television
station WCCO, a CBS affiliate in Minnesota, was a guest at the
Trans Time meeting which preceded the ACS meeting.  A number of ACS
members were interviewed for a show on cryonics scheduled for May
4, 1992.  We hope to get a video-tape of the show from Dr.  Breen.
Jerry reported further on his plans to visit England.  He said his
trip was a vacation but he will use the opportunity to promote
cryonics if he can.  We have been contacted by a man in Gatewick,
England who is interested in promoting cryonics and possibly
establishing a chapter of ACS.  If travel plans permit Jerry will
meet with this person.
Jim reported that both he and Dr.  Ben-Abraham had discussed cryonics
with a southern California movie script writer who is writing a
made-for-TV movie about cryonics.  Jerry White was also
interviewed.  He spoke to her about his mother's case.
We have been contacted by yet another radio station who wants to give
away a membership and suspension through the American Cryonics
Society to a lucky listener as first prize in a contest.
C.I. Contract
A final version of the proposed contract between ACS and the Cryonics
Institute (CI) was presented to Governors.  There are two basic
contract forms.  The first form is the agreement between ACS and CI;
the second is for use by suspension members choosing CI as their
suspension service and/or long term storage provider.  Jim read the
contract after which there was discussion of various contract
provisions.  Under this agreement ACS members may take advantage of
CI's services with ACS having rights of inspection and the authority
to remove frozen members and place them elsewhere if, for any reason,
we thought such replacement would be in the member's best interest.
Jerry White commented on the fact that, under this agreement, if ACS
removes the body of any of our members who are stored at the CI
facility in Michigan the $28,000 fee paid to CI would be forfeited.
He said that at first glance people may believe this is not a good
deal for ACS.  Jerry pointed out that CI has made a major effort to
keep long term storage costs very low.  These low costs make it
important that there not be added unforeseen costs associated with
After further discussion Dr.  Ben-Abraham signed the contract.  We
will prepare an information mailing to our members which describes
suspension and storage options now available through the Cryonics
Recent Suspension
There was further discussion of the recent suspension of Carol, a
long-time ACS member.  Carol is now being stored with dry ice in a
temperature chest at the Trans Time facility.
There was a lengthy discussion on what role ACS should play in a
suspension and what part Trans Time or other service providers should
play as well as what fees are appropriate for the various services.
In this most recent suspension a number of ACS members spent many
hours on stand-by at the hospital prepared to initiate "cryonics first
aid" right after pronouncement of death.  Dr.  Ben-Abraham had spent
many hours on the phone in an effort to line up a medical doctor to
perform surgery connected with perfusion.  Other members, including
attorney Jack Zinn, also spent many hours to help ACS, Carol, and her
Dr.  Ben-Abrahamn said ACS must implement a policy which provides
appropriate compensation to ACS for the very important role it plays
in suspensions and the long-term responsibility we take for our
members in long-term storage.  There was general agreement on the need
for such a policy and extended discussion on ways of determining
appropriate compensation.  ACS officers agreed to review the question
further in Executive Committee or at future meetings.
Facility Purchase Report
Carmen Brewer reported that escrow had closed on the purchase of the
new cryonics building.  The American Cryonics Society expects to move
its offices into this new building within the week.  The building was
purchased under a co-tenancy agreement between ACS members who formed
a limited partnership named Alavie expressly for the purpose of
building acquisition, and Trans Time who expect to locate its offices,
research, suspension, and long-term storage facilities there.
Carmen Brewer invited all ACS members to become investors in this
building.  We still need new capital for building improvements and
to meet expenses until a significant portion of the building is
ACS Lease
ACS wishes to move its offices into the building as planned.  We hope
that a lease will soon be signed whereby ACS will get 500 square feet
of office space and 250 square feet of warehouse space free with ACS
paying equitable rates for any space it needs above this amount.
Legal Review of ACS Forms
The legal review of the ACS short forms has now been completed by
attorney Jim Bianchi.  A copy of Jim's letter, outlining his review
and several revised forms Jim prepared were made available to
Governors.  Jim was generally pleased with our short forms, which
will now be available for use by non-Californians as well as
California residents.  Mr.  Bianchi also reviewed recent court
cases, including Roe v. Mitchell, as they pertain to cryonic
suspension in California.  Jim believes the outcome of this case
has significantly strengthened our legal basis for suspension in
There was discussion of our co-publishing The Immortalist magazine
with The Immortalist Society.  Avi Ben-Abraham stated he believed our
presence in this magazine is not sufficient.  Avi suggested we explore
changing the cover to make it more obvious to our members that this
is our magazine too.  There was a suggestion that we produce a second
cover to be used for magazines we send out directly from our office to
prospects.  Jerry White pointed out that CI is perfectly willing to
publish additional material from ACS members and encourages such
submission.  He also said submissions could be as simple as clipping
articles which appear in other publications of interest to cryonicists
and sending them in for publication.  Peter said he clips and sends
in such articles frequently.
Avi said changes he would like to see included:  putting our name on
the front cover, publishing the names of our board of Governors along
with the names of CI Governors on the inside front cover, and changing
our membership application so it is simpler and more prominently
Avi suggested Jim and Peter work with Robert and Mae Ettinger to
implement these changes.  Avi said we should be sure and list our 800
number in the publication.  Dick suggested mixing type-style and
clearly identifying the author of articles.
Upcoming meetings
The next meetings of the American Cryonics Society are Sunday, May 31,
at 1:00 p.m.  and Sunday June 28, at 6:00 p.m.
Both will be held at:
The New Cryonics Building
165 Gibraltar Court
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
(408) 734-4111

 (Edgar W. Swank)
SPECTROX SYSTEMS +1.408.252.1005  Silicon Valley, Ca

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