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Subject: CRYONICS - American Cryonics News - June
From:  (Edgar W. Swank)
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 92 19:15:41 PDT

American Cryonics News
(Reprinted from The Immortalist, June, 1992)
Nicely Settled In and Ready for Business!
We are starting to feel more at home in our new building.  Maria and
Jerry sometimes take a break to feed the ducks from the bridge over
the creek just behind our building.  Jerry recently painted,
re-upholstered, and upgraded the engine of 1967 Volvo he has owned for
twenty years.  The Volvo's engine was rebuilt some years ago and has
logged more than 280,000 miles.  Jerry plans on going through several
hundred more engine rebuilds to help promote the car's indefinite
automotive life
One ACS office overlooks the fountain which we have stocked with
gold fish.  Our rogues' gallery is now located in the lobby outside
our offices.
New Building
by Jerry White
As reported last month, ACS has moved its offices from the business
park in Cupertino to the newly acquired building at 165 Gibraltar
Court in Sunnyvale.  Participants have been very busy; Jim Yount has
repainted the lobby and ACS has set up its equipment, supplies, and
operations in two corner offices on the first floor which provides
extensive views of the grassy and wooded grounds and the adjoining
fishpond.  After the pond was cleaned, Jim and Carmen Brewer purchased
and installed 100 small goldfish.  John Day added about a half dozen
larger fish.  These two populations seem to be sharing the area
amicably, but with some attrition, and further work is needed with
plants and other components to help the pond to sustain itself better.
An adjoining irrigation creek shelters numerous wild ducks, some of
whom are also observed disporting and promenading amongst the pines,
poplars, and aspens and the grassy hillocks surrounding the building,
sharing the grounds and vegetation with squirrels and feathered
friends, including hummingbirds that enjoy the feeder which Jim placed
on a pine branch visible from both ACS offices.  ACS also shares an
adjoining third office with Carmen, the building manager.
On Sunday, May 31, ACS and Trans Time held their first board meetings
at the building, beginning at 1 pm, and with vigorously productive
activity until around midnight.  ACS personnel reappeared next morning
to support leasing space. Prospective clients have businesses
involving vintage racing cars, customizing trucks and recreational
vehicles, import and export, small manufacturing, software
development, medical products, community support, and child care.
Efforts continue to consolidate cryonics and life extension activities
in the building as well.
Other current plans are to hold an open house and a press conference,
and, on a lighter note, a volunteer work party to pull weeds from the
grass and to improve the grounds, followed by a celebratory barbecue.
Some members are wondering how feasible it might be to pursue a
suggestion made by Trygve Bauge and construct a power-generating
windmill on the roof to take advantage of healthy breezes blowing in
from the south end of San Francisco Bay.
Primate Revived
by Jerry (long-arms) White
A new pioneer, Daniel Baboone, has joined the adventure to advance
life extension through the efforts of scientist members of ACS.
Daniel, a baboon, revived after treatment which lowered his
temperature to near freezing and replaced his blood with a substitute
solution.  Paul Segall, founder and president of BioTime, Inc., worked
with John Day and other researchers to anesthetize Daniel, cool him to
below 36 deg F, and introduce the blood substitute by cardiopulmonary
bypass.  After about an hour, Daniel was warmed and revived.
This latest in a series of experiments (an earlier one of which
featured Miles the beagle) is the first in which the scientists have
kept a primate in the cold and bloodless state.  BioTime hopes to
develop a blood substitute to use in transplanting organs, surgery,
and emergency care, and most importantly for ACS, to help preserve
humans in suspended animation.
The participating ACS scientists are currently promoting Daniel's
anticipated full recovery before he has an opportunity to meet the
media, likely at a press conference with Miles and other pioneers.
The experiment has already generated extensive local press
coverage; much more, including national and worldwide, is
Legal Review of Suspension Forms
by Jerry White
Attorney Jim Bianchi has completed a legal review of suspension forms
for ACS and Trans Time.  His report consists of a 12-page memo and
revised forms, including explanatory notes for sample entries, dealing
with wills and charitable trusts and with charitable trusts for
cryonics research.
Jim commended ACS for its procedure using short forms, finding it
clear and legally useful in establishing the rights and obligations in
a cryonic suspension.  The only major flaw was related to financial
arrangements involving trusts created by ACS.
Jim reviewed existing statutes related to probate, wills, power of
attorney, living trusts, autopsy, and the recent decision of Roe v.
Mitchell to determine if ACS should alter its procedures.  He
recommended a few changes in the shor t forms and proposed a
standardized will including a charitable trust.  Jim also investigated
the implications of changes in the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, the
role of the Certificate of Religious Belief, and the problems
involved in dealing with patients suffering from severe conditions
such as AIDS.
ACS looks forward to working with other groups and individuals to make
sure that Jim's efforts help improve cryonics procedures generally.
Happy Birthday Trans Time
by Jim Yount
There was champagne and birthday cake served at the Trans Time
general meeting April 26, 1992, at the Trans Time Facility in
Trans Time was celebrating its 20th birthday.  Everyone lifted a glass
to salute the company and wish it continued success.  Jerry White led
revelers in song.
The Articles of Incorporation of Trans Time show a March 13, 1972
filing date.  Signators to the Articles of Incorporation dated the
document February 19, 1972.  The names on this historic document read:
John Bear, Linda L. Chamberlain, Judith H. Geiwitz, Arthur Quaife,
Edgar W. Swank, Grace Talbott, M.D., Jerome Butler White, and Roy R.
Both original incorporators Jerry White and Art Quaife were board
members at the 20th anniversary celebration.  Jerry served many years
on the Trans Time board but not continuously.  Art Quaife alone of the
original incorporator s has remained on the board continuously.  Art
has also served as Trans Time President since the company's inception.
Arne Johnson Promotes Facilities in the Far North
by Jim Yount
Every few months Arne Johnson writes us to report on his continuing
investigation and promotion of long-term storage facilities for our
frozen patients in Northern Canada or Alaska.
The number one advantage of such storage, proponents claim, is the
fact that there is a certain natural fail-safe feature in such
locations in that it is possible to locate cryogenic storage capsules
in the permafrost itself or in caves.
In support of Arnie's idea:  I recently spoke with a Geologist
who is a faculty member of the University of Alaska who
suggested drilling a two and a half foot diameter hole a mile
or so into the permafrost of Northern Alaska and storing
bodies vertically!
We believe it is to the advantage of our members to have a large
variety of options.  We hope our members will continue to explore and
innovate.  You can address letters to Mr.  Johnson in care of ACS and
we will pass them on.

 (Edgar W. Swank)
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