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From: david! (David A. Roth)
Subject: Re: cryonics: #888 - #895 (Public Relations &  made-for-TV movie)
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 92 01:33:36 EST

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> Message: #893 - ACS April 26 Mtg. Report
> Message-Subject: CRYONICS - April 26 ACS Meeting Rpt
> From:  (Edgar W. Swank)
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> Publicity
> Dr.  Michael Breen, M.D.  who is the medical reporter for television
> station WCCO, a CBS affiliate in Minnesota, was a guest at the
> Trans Time meeting which preceded the ACS meeting.  A number of ACS
> members were interviewed for a show on cryonics scheduled for May
> 4, 1992.  We hope to get a video-tape of the show from Dr.  Breen.

I'm glad the use of Public Relations was mentioned.  I've recently joined 
the mailing list and I wanted to bring up the point that I have not
seen or heard anything of the topics mentioned on
this mailing list on radio or TV talk shows.

While it is not always possible to have speakers travel around the
country for radio interviews many local AM radio stations do interview
people on a large variety of topics by phone.  Allowing people to
call in and ask questions too.   Besides local I think national radio
shows such as Larry King (CCN and radio) would be excellent.

I am not bringing this up to knock any efforts which have been done so
far but to bring attention from my point of view from someone who is still
new to this all.  Are the public relations efforts being guided by
a PR agency?  No doubt there are a lot of smart people involved in
all this but you need to have an experienced PR person if you expect
to get media coverage.  It seems this is really hurting in this area
we people are afraid to publicly vote for the newsgroup(s).

> Jim reported that both he and Dr.  Ben-Abraham had discussed cryonics
> with a southern California movie script writer who is writing a
> made-for-TV movie about cryonics.  Jerry White was also
> interviewed.  He spoke to her about his mother's case.

A made-for-TV movie as in fiction-based or a documentary about cryonics?


[ David, I lost track long ago of all the radio, TV, and print media
  presentations on cryonics and cryonics organizations.  True, the need for
  media exposure is a never-ending task, but the main PR problem confronting
  cryonics and cryonics organizations today is that nobody can verify that
  cryonics works (even though we have a LOT of indirect evidence).  Research
  showing that complex organisms retain their memories after freezing would
  go a long way toward changing that.  Some of this research can be done for
  a lot less money than the cost of hiring a PR agency.  Where would you
  prefer to put your limited cryonics dollars? - KQB ]

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