X-Message-Number: 920
Date: 22 Jun 92 02:43:04 EDT
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: Re: cryonics: #917 - #918

I heartily agree with Mike Price. 

Unfortunately there is one problem which needs addressing. Some members
simply do not want it known that they are members. Alcor is therefore
in the position of having to keep at least THAT confidential. And from
this it follows that particular personal items for members also need to
be kept confidential.

This can mean that members may not be able to verify some of the claims
that Alcor Board Members make. And from that, more yet can happen.

My personal feeling about this is that not only should Alcor's Board
be more open, but rather than having confidentiality the default, instead
those members who do NOT want their identity (or attributes) released to
other members must say so specifically (of course it should be easy for
them to do this, and NOT require a lot of special paperwork, etc).

I say this not to detract at all from KQB's efforts with Cryonet, which
I think have consistently been very helpful by laying out everything to
the members. KQB deserves praise for what he's been doing.

					Thomas Donaldson

[ Thanks Thomas and also Mike (msg #918); I appreciate your support.
  But please don't forget that I make mistakes, too, and, like everyone
  else, occasionally need a nudge in the right direction. - KQB ]

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