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From: Olaf Henny <>
Subject: Re: L.Hardy CryoNet Message #9214
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 21:04:57 -0800

Re: Message #9214
From: L Hardy <>

>Not true.  The true statement would be, as long as there are individuals
who are willing
>to operate the church it can remain active and entitled ...

I can assure you, as long as there are assets in the church, there will be
"individuals who are willing to operate...", even if the dogma has long
died.  When there are no more assets and no more dogma, the church will

>> ...to keep its assets and to the tax privileges churches enjoy.

>> The owners of the church,
>Who are the owners of the church?  What, its not God?  Its a man or men?

God is an object of worship.  The church is the structure through 
which this is done.  The ownership structure is not unlike a 
corporation.  The clergy (= board and executive) and the 
congregation (= the shareholders) may change in personnel as far 
as individuals are concerned, but the basic structure is 
maintained or evolves in continuity.
>> the clergy and the congregation change, but the church remains intact.

>without the body of people, the so called church is only paper.  Its a
sham...Of course
>this can happen with a corporate church, because it is an imposter
church...apearing to be
>a true church.

Nonsense, if there is a congregation of people, who believe in a 
certain religious concept, when it is new and small you have a 
cult as seen by outsiders and a church as seen by members of the 
congregation, when it is large and established it is a church.  

>> I do not see where this impacts on maintaining our assets during
cryopreservation.  Once
>> we are preserved we are by present definition legally dead.
>Who cares what you are by peresent definition, if you had a promise to
keep, what does it
>matter what other people say...  An agreement is an agreement... or is it?

You and I do, when you are legally dead, your assets are 
dissolved and pass on to your heirs; - either the ones you chose 
yourself, or the ones the government chooses "on your behalf" any 
trust in your name is part of your legacy to be distributed.

> >he doesn't write it after, but writes an instrument or contract before.  We
> are not talking about mans law here, mans laws don't apply... when you
invoke Gods law.

What counts in the courts is common law and statutory law.  Your 
God's law will at best raise a chuckle.

>Probably because you don't understand what I mean when I say Gods Law.  If
there is no
>Gods Law then what's the church about, what is its basis for existence? How
can the
>christian church edify and direct its people?  Check out the universal
Maxims of Law, in
>1845 Bouviers Law Dictionary "Maximums are fundamental principles of Law",
you will get an
>example of what I mean when I say Gods Law, all Maxims are based on it...

>Gods law is stable, corporate law is not.

Awww, give me a break, where did you pick all this up?

> I understand, that some of the tax havens (like Antigua, Bahamas,
> Belize Bermuda, Costa Rica or Liechtenstein) will allow trust in
> perpetuity,

>There are many.  They will also allow numbered bank savings accounts, debit
accounts, who
>has to know that you died or were put into a preservation.  The account
could be in the
>name of a company, that could go on indefinate.  

...and has been long owned by someone else :-)  You are not 
really a lawyer, are you?

>There are so many options, if you only
>open your eyes.  But all of the options require TRUST in someone... to
manage them and
>possibly even be necessary to let you know (in your new state of being
after reanimation)
>that the money or account exists.  Unless you tatoo a message on the inside
of your
>eyelids, for your eyes only...


>There is no guarantee, espically if money is conserned.  People are
naturally greedy.  So
>what about those who are holding our money that are putting us into
cryosuspension.  Whats
>to say that they don't pocket the money and put our body into a dumpster
somewhere.  It
>would be so easy to do, who checks the bodys inside the dooers to see that
they aren't
>just a bunch of crumpled papers?  Should we have faith in them?  Good

What is the alternative?   :)

Olaf Henny

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