X-Message-Number: 9383
Date:  Tue, 31 Mar 98 16:49:04 
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Erratum

In my last message, #9376, I said,

> For the record: another early cryoncics 
> organization, CSNY, froze 8 people, according to information I have.
> Recently I learned that one of these is still frozen too! This is a
> highly confidential case that I hadn't realized originated with this
> organization. 

This was based on a recent conversation I had with Curtis 
Henderson, who was the president of CSNY at the time. However, it is 
incorrect--perhaps I misunderstood. I thank Mike Darwin for 
correcting me on this--it was he and "Corey Noble" (a pseudonym) who 
actually did the freezing, which was then handled by 
American Cryonics Society and Trans Time. Curtis Henderson helped 
too (in California, where ACS and TT are located, not in New York)
and was able to obtain a liquid nitrogen capsule, but CSNY was not 
involved as an organization. Unfortunately then, all of CSNYs 7 
actual freezings terminated, though this other suspension continues.

Mike Perry  

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