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Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 14:13:23 -0700
From: Tim Freeman <>
Subject: Intentional Communities (was Growth Issues)

From: "Scott Badger" <>
>I've been listening to this discussion and have to admit to being
>drawn to the idea of a Cryonics Community.  This sounds like the
>Intentional Community concept I've heard a little about (there's
>plenty on the net about how they are structured). 

A very interesting idea.  We might have enough density in Silicon
Valley to attempt such a thing.  Romana's Exclave looks like a
beginning.  An Alta Vista search on Intentional Communities turned up
www.ic.org, which has lots of good stuff.  Some of them even seem to
succeed as businesses, which is important to me because cheating death
costs money.

>I was wondering if any of the cryonics firms had considered investing
>in nursing homes for members (as well as non-members).

There was something like that tried by Dave Pizer called Ventureville.
One valid complaint about it is that there might easily be accusations
of conflict-of-interest; if people financially involved with the
cryonics organization are also financially involved with the nursing
home, then they can plausibly be accused of hastening the death of the
people cared for in the nursing home so they get the suspension fees
sooner.  It is important to add that there wasn't any reason to
believe anything like this happened with Ventureville; if I remember
correctly it closed down due to lack of interest.

Tim Freeman       
Web-centered Java, Perl, and C++ programming in Silicon Valley or offsite

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